Workflows Foundation .Net 4

I have been making a prototype to evaluate the new incarnation of the Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF 4 beta 1), which will be part of the .Net 4 release. I’m glad of the new changes so far, asynchronous operations are now much easier, and this also applies to activities authoring too. I’m not so happy with the designer, it’s still a bit slow, although it is not an issue for me right now.

Workflow isolation has also been left behind. Running untrusted code can completely break the engine wich will also stop the other workflows running in parallel along with the faulted one. This is a big issue when running unmanaged code, where memory access violations or any other severe exception will crash the process. Writing the correct infrastructure to handle this situation is not trivial.

Many business problems are easily modeled using workflows, specially now that asynchronous transactions have been improved in this beta release. And WWF supports many (if not all) of the common workflow patterns. State machine workflows seems to be hard to implement with this release but I haven’t look into this yet.

You can find more info at the Windows Workflow Foundation for .Net 4 developer center:

More on workflow patterns here:


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