Twitter and future microblogging

Everything seems to move around twitter or facebook nowadays. Twitter offers a simple service yet a vast amount of people has joint it and the trend seems to be increasing. I was reading an article on The Twitter Platform and was wondering what is going to be the future of microblogging. I can only think in one thing: Data-mining. Yes, but you may be wondering why something is doing already could be its future. The fact is that twitter offers a nice playground for data mining, transforming how companies are seeing internet and also making easier to target their products to the correct audience. But as more third party products are integrated into the twitter platform, more data is injected into the system. You can no longer stop analyzing the data that is posted directly in twitter, these other products are also a source of information, they, by the nature of the service itself, mark the interests of its users.

Twitter may also offer more tools for tagging data and vertically splitting the service, like groups or by letting the user tag the data. Would be interesting to tag the graph of relations within the platform. And the users will also be happy to do so, for you.


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