Nikon F4

I don’t know why but looks like software people also likes photography. Must be there something about brain cells organization thats leads you to go down the software path that also determines your chances to like photography…who knows…

So that’s me, one of those out there that love photography and spent some time trying to improve it at any chance.   This post is about the Nikon F4, one of the most innovative cameras in history, and why I find it great.

I bought mine about one year ago, at ebay. My dad had one when I was a child and I was fascinated ever since, and I’m still are. In fact, I have never used my Nikon D80 again. Nikon D80 viewfinder cannot top with Nikon F4 one and composing is just not the same.

The Nikon F4s (the one with the MB-21 battery grip) weights a ton but feels strong and has all knobs at the right positions (yeah, it had knobs and I miss them in moderns cameras!). I just hope it never falls, and if it does, do NOT fall on my feet. It was built like a tank and it feels that way.

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This camera introduced many features that we used everyday today, for example integrated autofocus motor drive, matrix metterring, shutter balancer to reduce shutter-shake…you can read some history at this Nikon’s web page.

For me, the camera has the right buttons and knobs at the right place and you won’t need to deal with obscure menus and sub-menus, it’s User Experience is perfect 😉 Add on top of that a great viewfinder with 100% coverage.

There just one thing that is not right but shouldn’t be a problem 99% times you use the camera. The built-in LCD that is used to display shutter’s speed is not back-lit, which makes it almost imposible to read in low-light conditions. But probably in such situation you can’t even take photos unless you are using a 800+ ISO film. It not a big hassle for me.

If you ever consider buying a film camera, think on getting a Nikon F4.


EDIT: As commented below by @tonutunnelõnu the LCD is backlit.


3 thoughts on “Nikon F4

  1. hey I just got a Nikon F4 and this was awsom help. on your lasr line you say “It not a big hassle for me.” you should fix that. *it’s

    • Completely true, I didn’t know you had to turn the front switch for that when I wrote this article 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

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