1st May

1st of May is public holiday in Spain (as in around 80 countries in the world). I managed to make some hiking at Cabeço d’Or, a mountain near Alicante. Typical of me, I also took some photos:

The climb

Spring at Cabeço d'Or

With a refreshed mind I can happily go back hacking my new open source creature, ShadingZenCpp a cross-platform C/C++ library meant to speed up some portions of ShadingZen 3D Engine.


ShadingZen 3D Engine open sourced!

I’m showing you the code!

I have decided to open source my 2D/3D engine for Android and it is currently available at GitHub under the MIT License [put random reason here].


The goals behind ShadingZen is to offer a simple framework on which you can build mobile games easily, but without leaving behind performance reasons like stressing out multicore mobile CPUs found in modern phones/tablets. I have borrowed some ideas found at Cocos2D that I just find really useful, like Actions and Transitions.

Go clone it!

I’m using my spare time to create some HOWTOs and examples. I would also like to write down some core concepts of the engine. For more info keep an eye to future changes at the GitHub wiki here.

Some notes I’m preparing for future documentation sections.