The Phaser

EDIT: Added a short video showcasing the gameplay.

If you have been following me on twitter you may already know I have been working since the past month on a retro shoot’em up with hand crafted pixel art. Main target platforms are PC/MAC and iOS/Android. I’m still thinking if I should go first on mobile platforms or not.

Do you want more bullets?

Do you want more bullets?


Regarding Twitter, I currently use the hashtag #ThePhaserGame following the name of the main ship in the game, but this probably with change soon (with a more catchy name!).

You are death

You are death…

The gameplay focuses on intense action with massive bullets and explosions with a mix of fast-paced areas and slower areas where you need to concentrate on enemy patterns and bullet avoidance.

Go run!

Go run!

I have a huge list of user-stories that need to be implemented, from in-game cutscenes to final bosses, probably enough to hire a designed and a programmer, but unfortunately I don’t have the resources (a.k.a money) to do so. This is a one-man strong project 😉 Technologically speaking, the whole game is written in C++11 and uses Cocos2d-x as the 2d engine to run everything (with minor tweaks from my side 😉

Fast paced action in a confined spaced!

Fast paced action in a confined space!

If you like the screenshots above, follow me on twitter and spread the word! If you have any ideas (on weapons, enemies or whatever) drop me a message here or using twitter.

Fly safe!


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